Bare Colored Cable

Chemically Colored Stainless Steel Cable
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Bare Colored Cable
Bare Colored Cable

Have you always wanted cable railings, but standard stainless steel isn't the color or style you are looking for? This product is for you. It is chemically altered stainless steel cable which is offered in a wide range of colors. Call us to request a sample or more information. 

LIC Technology- Irradiance Stainless Steel Colored Cable

Colored Bare Wire Rope Cable

Light Iinterference Color (LIC) creates more artistic variable colors for metal than the uniform static color of paint. Light conditions and viewing angles will have a varying effect on the perceived color.

Colors can be produced on special order:  Natural, Pewter, Wheat, Bronze, Blue, Slate, Bronze/Gold, Burgundy, Purple/Blue, Peacock, Blue/Green, and Charcoal.

Due to the nature of the LIC process, our products will always have natural variation in color. We use a LAB-measuring device to quantify the colors of our products. We offer a range in each color based on repeatable tolerances within each color. LAB defines color in 3-dimensional space where L represents Light to Dark, A represents Red to Green, and B represents Yellow to Blue.

Light Interference Color (LIC) is an electrochemical process which thickens the naturally occurring chromium oxide on stainless steel. The clear oxide layer acts like a prism, refracting light and creating our various colors. Since the color is only perceived and it is light interference on the surface of the material, UV light cannot affect the color.  This color layer is also resistant to salt water which makes LIC colored cables ideal for outdoor and marine applications.