Aircraft Cable

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7 x 7 Moderately Flexible

7 X 7 Cable is used with, small diameter wire rope slings, stay wires, fencing rope, catenary wire, garage door cables, standing rigging, hanging signs, & Ski-lifts

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7 x 19 Extra Flexible

7 x 19 Extra-Flexible among the strongest and most flexible of cables, providing high stretch. Used where high flexibility and materials fatigue are concerns.

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1 x 19 Non-Flexible

1x19 Non-Flexible is used for push-pull controls and guying applications. Resists compression forces well. Strongest construction type in sizes greater than 3/32" diameter.

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1 x 7 Non Flexible Strand

1 x 7 Non-Flexible is a basic strand type used in all concentric cable. Relatively stiff in larger diameters. Provides the least stretch. Used in basic strand, straight pull-pull assemblies, and tension members.

Extruded / Coated Cable

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7 x 19 Extra Flexible [ Nylon & Vinyl Coated/ Extruded ]

7 x 19 Extra Flexible ( Extruded/Coated) This product is available to ship in 3-5 business days. If a shorter lead time is required, please call 219.879.0241 to discuss your options.

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7 x 7 Moderately Flexible [ Nylon & Vinyl Coated/ Extruded ]

7 x 7 Moderately Flexible - Nylon & Vinyl Coated/ Extruded

Standard Lanyards

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Eye / Eye stainless steel standard lanyards. 7 X 7 nonconductive nylon coated cables. 25 lanyards per pack.

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Loop-Eye standard lanyards are nylon coated aircraft cables. 25 Lanyards per pack.

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Sanlo Loop-Loop standard lanyards come in 25 lanyards per pack. description here

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Loop-Loop-Tab, is a stainless steel nylon coated aircraft cable. Sold in a 25 pack.

Fittings and Tools

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Compression Sleeves (Ferrules)

Pack of 100 compression sleeves. Compression sleeves in zinc plated copper and aluminum are used for making eye splices in wire rope.

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Pack of 100 thimbles. Thimbles protect cable from wear and it helps in distributing the load over a wider area, increasing cable life. We manufacture in AN-100 aircraft type and standard type thimbles.

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Rope Clip

Pack of 100 rope clips. Malleable Rope Clips are used to make thimble loops in wire rope and cable. They are available in malleable iron.

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Pack of 100 stops. Stops are available in zinc plated copper and are used to provide a stop plug at the end of a cable. Stops can achieve 75-80% of the breaking strength of the original cable.

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Crimping Tools

Crimping tool is offered in 3 sizes 1/32", 3/16", & 3/32" and a multi-tool up to 5/32"

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Cable Cutters

Cable Cutters are offered in up to 3/16 of an inch and up to 5/8 of an inch